DragonForce Herman Li x Joe Satriani Stripped x Three - Ali Farka, Dick Dale, an Alien and Me

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"Joe Satriani is one of my favourite musician since I started playing the guitar. I've spent years practicing and jamming over Joe's music. I've learned a lot of my improvising skills by listening and playing over Joe Satriani albums. It was a pleasure for me to do this little improv on an unusual, unique Joe Satriani track. Some of my favourite classic Joe Satriani songs growing up include, The Crush of Love, Crushing Day, The Extremist, Cryin', Flying Over a Blue Dream, The Forgotten. What's yours?" - Herman Li
"Herman Li (Dragonforce) joins my mythical party in the desert with “Ali Farka Toure, Dick Dale an Alien and Me”. You can always count on Herman to push sonic boundaries while he executes exciting, weird, and crazy sounds, blended with high energy metal guitar playing." - Joe Satriani
The backing track is from Joe's new release "Stripped x Three", three albums of songs with the lead and melodies removed. Available NOW for pre-order at satriani.com/discography/Stripped_x_Three/
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James Maddock
James Maddock 5 օր առաջ
No one is better than Herman Li, his guitar playing produces wind and blows his hair back for him
learcenciel Ամիս առաջ
Oh.. Yeah!!!! 🤘🤘🤘
Jurica Galekovic
Jurica Galekovic Ամիս առաջ
Man, even out of focus, this PRS is sexy af.
justacynic Ամիս առաջ
Into the Light is a personal fav of mine.
Natty Shaps
Natty Shaps Ամիս առաջ
Everytime this man plays a song I feel blessed that im watching
Meiringmei YT
Meiringmei YT Ամիս առաջ
If Herman tight his hair like Ariana Grande in his stream, than i ll supplies Shampoo for his Hair 🙃🤭🙃
James Gao
James Gao Ամիս առաջ
You got that Steve Vai style going on. I know he’s one of our biggest influences. Lol and I’m sure chinese music is one of his natural influences in his note choice.
Ouacaze Ամիս առաջ
Surfing with the Alien, Back to Shalla-Bal, Ceremony, Summer song... and Crushing day of course 🤘 Would love to hear you play the Chromeboy 😎
Josh Ward
Josh Ward Ամիս առաջ
More stuff like thissss
DiesMali Ամիս առաջ
This is so cool that I won't even time out Joe next time he shows up on Twitch! :O
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Ամիս առաջ
is that the Herman Li PRS? love that color and hardware
thomas olmsted
thomas olmsted Ամիս առաջ
Found the real Satch Fan! This was awesome!
WarlandWriter Ամիս առաջ
1:34 His dog sitting around in the background like "Dad never wants to teach me how to shred like that"
Daniele Hartmann
Daniele Hartmann Ամիս առաջ
Nice playing, but the backing track is FAR too loud.
Abraham Rodrigues
Abraham Rodrigues Ամիս առաջ
Herman went Steve Vai mode with that whammy .
valije Ամիս առաջ
And the fan.
goraiel siahaan
goraiel siahaan Ամիս առաջ
Can u give me 1 guitar for me
MitchJump Ամիս առաջ
react to davie504 slapping through the fire and the flames on bass!!!
John Sanders
John Sanders Ամիս առաջ
I've always felt that Joe Satriani is like that theoretical astro physicist of guitar players. He makes sounds, and music, and melodies that the rest of us are largely sure can't exist.
Sajeel Anjum
Sajeel Anjum Ամիս առաջ
@Chance Borron yep
Micah Aalders
Micah Aalders Ամիս առաջ
@Chance Borron Brian May’s research is in observation of reflection of interplanetary dust. Not to be pedantic, but I think he’s the “applied Astro physicist” of guitar players
Chance Borron
Chance Borron Ամիս առաջ
That would be Brian May......
Alexandre Brard
Alexandre Brard Ամիս առաջ
Steel panther is looking for a new guitarist.
StarSn1per Ամիս առաջ
Where did you get that?
James Ամիս առաջ
Get Joe on!
bytex666 Ամիս առաջ
Buy Herman's insane hairbrush from the link, and you can all get silky hair like his. It comes with its own fan.
Will Healey
Will Healey Ամիս առաջ
Amazing Playing Herman!
David Sebastián Bermúdez González
David Sebastián Bermúdez González Ամիս առաջ
Hey Herman, this is so cool. You need to do more stuff like this!
Andrey Trivelato
Andrey Trivelato Ամիս առաջ
Good job!
Jesse Romero
Jesse Romero Ամիս առաջ
Awesome playing, also.. so many guitars 😵
Eric Hidalgo
Eric Hidalgo Ամիս առաջ
I fucking love it
McRocklin Ամիս առաջ
Rocking! 😎
David Nwokoye
David Nwokoye Ամիս առաջ
1:13 How long have you been playing??? Man's fingers are so black it can have it's own N word pass
Zadrigo Ամիս առաջ
Nah, would be waaay more interesting to see if Joe Satriani would be able to jam to that Herman Li guy from DragonForce.
Volstagg Valdano
Volstagg Valdano Ամիս առաջ
I liked this video
W4rsNick Ամիս առաջ
I liked this video
Aristar Basumatari
Aristar Basumatari Ամիս առաջ
Unique 🎉👍
James Glynn
James Glynn Ամիս առաջ
The fan blowing in ur hair made it perfect👌
SpaceManDawn Ամիս առաջ
@A Franco I'm on drugs.
A Franco
A Franco Ամիս առաջ
@SpaceManDawn lmao you said hair to mouth entry
W4rsNick Ամիս առաջ
@SpaceManDawn and it also makes your hair look cool😂
SpaceManDawn Ամիս առաջ
It's more practical than you would think. I have long hair too, and getting it in your mouth when you're playing is super annoying. Especially because you can't take your hands off the guitar, and you look like a twat trying to spit it out lol. Herman likes to move around a lot. This, combined with heavy breathing, makes hair to mouth entry even more likely. So the fan is a must. It's a way to move your hair away from your face without having to use your hands.
ObviouslyKieran Ամիս առաջ
That's not a fan, Herman's hair naturally has a gravitational pull :)
Sagnik Ghosh
Sagnik Ghosh Ամիս առաջ
Just awesome 🤩😎
saukera Ամիս առաջ
hey not bad< event I found this on youtube!\
Array Channel
Array Channel Ամիս առաջ
Next jam to solo lynyrd synyrd - free bird
Marco Simula
Marco Simula Ամիս առաջ
E desweb
E desweb Ամիս առաջ
I like this video
MariosonBros Ամիս առաջ
I like this video
Sailor Dodo
Sailor Dodo Ամիս առաջ
I like this video
W4rsNick Ամիս առաջ
I like this video
ferdynandus melanus
ferdynandus melanus Ամիս առաջ
1:09 The f*ck 🍾🍾
Zak 168
Zak 168 Ամիս առաջ
Antidote Harry
Antidote Harry Ամիս առաջ
Funny thing that i just listened joe while i got notification 👌
XxWesleyYTxX OMG
XxWesleyYTxX OMG Ամիս առաջ
So beautiful
AI FIRM Ամիս առաջ
Meghant Darji
Meghant Darji Ամիս առաջ
Oh baby
FreezY Ամիս առաջ
Pls Shoutout
Kiril Gjorgievski
Kiril Gjorgievski Ամիս առաջ
Andrea Orjuela
Andrea Orjuela Ամիս առաջ
Love this, Herman li First coment!! : )
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